Just with one click of the Motor-fx app, you get the simplest, most effective and revolutionary way to apply the Invertone quantum effect to your vehicle’s fuel in order to:


✓ Decrease consumption

✓ Increase acceleration

✓ Reduce the pollution

✓ Experience a more smooth, quiet and long-lasting functioning of your motor

How does this revolutionary innovation work?

Once the [quantum effect Invertone] activated with App Motor-fx directed to your vehicle, this act 24 hours / day without any interruption during this period through your Smartphone.

Activation is transmitted to the fuel in the tank, and to the supply circuit including the carburizing/injection system in the air/fuel mixture. Thus, it acts on the atoms of certain molecules both before and during the combustion, and on gases of the exhaust system (CO, CO2, NOx).

The “quantum dynamization” of molecules intervenes exclusively in the quantum dimension where fuel is composed of information found in its “antimatter3, field that is unfailingly related to its “matter”, field – that is to say with visible and concrete molecules parts.

The quantum field that belongs to anti-matter is able to react without loss of time, at any distance, only by activating the appropriate information in the Motor-fx App.
Unlike electromagnetic waves transmitted with frequency emitters, the Motor-fx app does not transmit these kinds of waves, thus avoiding any kind of damage or annoyance to human beings.

Acceso App Motor-Fx

* Under identical driving conditions, internal and external temperatures, traffic conditions, routes and identical loads

The first great Impact of Motor-fx:

Reduction of Environmental Pollutants

The reduction of pollution reduces the risk of chronic disease.

What you breathe in traffic, is what your vehicle emits. Air pollution problems represents one of the greatest sources of chronic diseases in the world, for humans, animals and plants.

Motor-fx has focused on carbon monoxide (CO) treatment: the gas that causes more problems, than CO2 and NOx.

Accurate measurements made with a gas chromatography system showed that it is possible to reduce carbon monoxide emissions by 72%. You can notice the drastic reduction of this contaminant, if you breathe near an exhaust pipe of a running car, and when you observe the noticeable reduction of smoke being emitted.

Laboratory analysis with gas chromatography:

The Second Great Impact of Motor-fx:

Decrease in fuel consumption

During injection, when the air/fuel mixture is sprayed, the particles are finer, resulting in a better explosion in the combustion chamber.

The first part of the following document, demonstrates low capacity engine consumption, with constant effort before and after dynamization with Motor-fx. This type of measurement allows avoiding consumption variations due to driving style, automated engine control units of the last generation of engines, climatic conditions, transport loads, etc. The obtained measurements of this test are highly accurate and validate the efficiency of the Motor-fx quantum effect.

The first part of the document shows the measurements in the power bank of an old car without central electronics, with a constant acceleration stabilized to 2,200 revolutions /minute, which allows for a real understanding of the consumption reduction by any other variables.

Third Great Impact of Motor-fx:

Responsive acceleration is a driving pleasure

While driving a car, we enjoy the moment of acceleration. The maximum speed does not matter so much. Accelerating from 0 to 50 km/h in seconds gives the driver more pleasure than driving dangerously at 150 miles/h on the highway. It is the acceleration that allows us to advance quickly, without any risk.

With Motor-fx, now you can enjoy more pleasant driving thanks to the new power potential available while stepping on the accelerator. This acceleration advantage provides greater security when passing a slower vehicle, while quickly changing lanes, providing explosive starts when the traffic light turns to green. These benefits make stress-free driving possible thanks to superior power availability that allows you to make appropriate decisions while driving: More force, more power, better maneuvering.
For the most discerning of drivers, even when competing, in terms of acceleration, the benefits achieved change markedly. Access to the Competition App is only available upon request: infomotorfx@invertone.com

The important improvement obtained combustion allows for greater proportional increases:

✓ Working range at low revs (motor torque) is doubled (+ 110%)

✓ Increased working range at high revs by 72% (power).

This means that the engine torque at low revs and the high speed power offers a strong, and linear acceleration, without rupture. A vehicle that achieves 0 to 100 km/h in 9.7 seconds does it now in 8.1 seconds, i.e. 20% faster.

Thanks to the use of Motor-fx, an acceleration curve is achieved with a large flat zone in the center which defines a very elastic motor, with little need to change gears. This ‘elastic’ acceleration capability allows for less fuel consumption, regardless of driving style, whether it is sporty or easy-going. Usually, this advantage is found in greater power or higher displacement cars.

The results obtained with Motor-fx show that the range of performance remains with a high level of TORQUE and POWER, 110% and 72% longer, drastically changing acceleration time and sensations, decreasing consumption (with more motor power at low revs) and, consequently, reducing gas emissions.

The Fourth Great Impact:

Smooth, quiet and long-lasting motor operation

These conditions reduce the driver’s stress level and prolong the useful life of vehicle:

✓ Smooth Operation

Motor-fx dynamization optimizes general functional fluidity, improving the lubrication of the engine’s moving parts, transmission, wheels, etc. These improvements give the impression of driving a brand new car of a superior category.

✓ Sound Level

Because of a smooth-running engine, the sound level is reduced substantially, both outside and inside the vehicle, which provides superior driving comfort.
Long-lasting motor operation